How Cedarwood Essential Oil Changed My Family and Career After My Son's ADHD Diagnosis

Today I'm [Jessica Ryan] sharing my story of what led me to educating and advocating on essential oils. I will tell you what I've learned through studying brain health and essential oils. Essential oils and brain health were two topics I never knew would influence my life so much. Yet, they have changed my family's life and turned into my passion and career.
When a neuro-affliction captured my first born, I started digging into alternatives. I was terrified of starting my son on drugs that would only get stronger each year, for the rest of his life. Let alone all the side effects he would have to deal with. I thought, there must be another way! Little did I know that we needed an entire lifestyle transformation (more on this in future posts).
After I was introduced to essential oils, with curiosity (and some hallelujah) we began using Cedarwood. This was before we knew there was a clinical trial with ADHD and Cedarwood.
Cedarwood is high in sesquiterpenes, which calms the mind and senses. This was good news for my son and our family. By diffusing Cedarwood, we created an atmosphere that allowed us all to take a deep breath. This helped us move forward from task to task, allowing us to make grounded decisions.
I became even more infatuated with the brain and its complexity. As a biologist, I am impressed daily with the many functions, capacity, and tenacity of the brain. Yet, we know so little of the above. That is why I am enamored with its processes. This has led me to work with the vintage population around Alzheimer's and dementia. Knowing that CMS recommends a non-pharmacological approach, essential oils are an untapped solution (more on this later).
Now my son is in high school and thriving, without drugs, and has healthy coping skills. He's even helping other kids cope with the pressures of growing up by using essential oils. Everyday, we use essential oils in my home. Our regimens vary day to day, but today I am grateful for Cedarwood! The smell reminds me of my feet, not because of smell...but because of how grounded I am when using the oil.
If your're like me and want to dig into the research, here is a research article by Dr. Friedmann that will enlighten you... Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by Terry S. Friedmann, M. D., A.B.H.M

If you are taking care of a child or adult with a neuro disorder...what is your biggest struggle when it comes to their care?

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