What Would Life Be Like Without COVID

As we've all experienced, COVID has brought much angst, potential sadness or depression, anxiety, and loss in many ways. However, what else has COVID brought us...aspects that have been more positive...and what would life be like without it. 

Sure, we can certainly focus on if COVID was not part of our lives then we would not be trapped in our houses most of the time, be able to eat out at restaurants or go out and do more sociable activities, our kids would be in school full time and wouldn't be behind in their studies, our mood would be better, and most importantly many people would not have suffered the unthinkable losses of lives.

But we can't change that COVID happened and is still here.

So I choose, with my glass 1/2 full, to focus on what positive things I would be losing out on if COVID didn't happen. If COVID didn't happen to me, I would:

1. only be spending time with my kids primarily on the weekends.

2. not have discovered new tools for my self-care regimen in order to stay fresh.

3. not have gotten a bike for myself and taken rides daily, discovering my inner child again.

4. still be in a professional position where I wasn't feeling comfortable, where I had reached my fullest potential with no impression of more, and where respect was no longer a core value.

5. not have spent the time with my son to learn to ride his bike without training wheels until next summer.

6. not have appreciated the time I have with my family.

7. not have gotten a puppy that my kids have so-longed for.

8. be living a very busy lifestyle and not enjoying the simplicity of life.

The reality is that there are many negatives I can talk about that have come as a result of COVID, or I can turn those negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones. I choose positive.


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