Self-Care Can Be Quick and Easy

My husband was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with COVID and my children, with the exception of 1 and myself all had differing degrees of severity. We experienced mostly mild symptoms, but it was a strange experience. My anxiety went through the roof when he received the news. He had been tested 3 days prior. What do I do? Who do I call first? I felt like we had the scarlet letter branded over our front door. I sunk into a chair to contemplate so many questions; where had we got it from, who had we given it to, how sick would we be, would my children be okay?

Of course, Oil Mama mode began! I blew past those useless thoughts and negative feelings and turned on some diffusers in my home right away...I am always empowered by my diffusers. I got to take control of something in my life!
With essential oil use, I can help myself, even though I cannot control what happens, I can control how I respond. I choose to use tools that help me without worrying me about side effects and other issues. There is no stigma for me to use a diffuser to calm me. I can do it when I drive, when I work, when I sleep; there are no boundaries. I learned years ago that our thoughts can be controlled. I used to be captive of my thoughts and fears with no way of dealing with it. 
Now, I am capable of recognizing when I need my toolbox and what strategies will work during different scenarios. Essential oils often do not have side effects, which is why it makes for such a great resource to use for anxious feelings. I spent years being unaware that there were ways to help myself that were simple, affordable, and would have a positive influence on my health. That blew my mind! I don't even think I heard the term "self-care" until 5 years ago, and even then, was not something that you could call into work for. Silly, but that is sometimes how I grade illnesses/reasons for missing a day. Anyways, mental health is SO IMPORTANT! We are our own keepers, and we must care for our mind as we do our bodies. 
I am so grateful for being able to share these kinds of strategies and education with others. I often felt when I began using aromatherapy that I was in a secret club that everyone needed to know about. I have made it my mission to share that you are important and you must "put the oxygen mask on yourself before others". Your cup must be full in order to be your best self for your job, your family, your everyday. It is not enough to suppress your own needs. Battling internally without seeking strategies to cope is the only bad thing you can do. There are so many simple tools that are quick and easy to incorporate into your day.  
If I had to make a recommendation, I will share with you what I used that very day that I had to call our family and others about the news. My very first go to for this was to diffuse a blend of frankincense and Indian sandalwood. The smell was reminiscent of the beach. The oils are high in terpenes, which are oxygenating and grounding. After 15 minutes, I was able to take a deep breath and begin. I sat in the same room while I made the calls that brought on an array of feelings such as guilt, fear, anxiety, just to name a few. But, I was able to ease those sinking thoughts and focus on what needed to be done because of my oils.
Believe that stress and all those negative thoughts and feelings are only as big as us, however our coping strategies and self-care techniques can help us prevail!! Coping can be quick, easy, and doesn't need to cost much at all. Oil on!
--Jessica Ryan

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