Self-Care = Prevention

Let me put a thought in your mind...

"Self-care is a preventative approach."

Typically self-care is in reference to managing stress, dealing with depression and anxiety, lowering agitation, etc. Often it's used when someone is at their wits end, when they are burnt out and looking for a miracle relief, or they are in the throws of mental anguish and looking for relief.

Self-care should not be used when it's too late, when your 'cup is empty'. It should be used on a regular basis with the purpose to prevent such reactions from happening. Therefore, we recommend scheduling your self-care 'sessions' into your daily calendar. Is that 30 minutes when you get up, 15 minutes before you go to bed, or an hour at lunch - we recommend starting with 15 minutes at a time and working your way up to an hour a day. 

You may be saying to yourself, "Girl, you are crazy! I have so much going in my life - work, e-learning with my kids, a husband/wife, a dog, cooking, cleaning - I don't have time for that!" I call bull...yup, bull. There are 24 hours in a day, you decide how you spend that time. You are an adult - you are making that decision every day. 

In my day, I run my own business, have a 4- and 6-year old with one in preschool and the other e-learning, a new puppy, and parental/wife responsibilities, however, I choose to wake up 1 hour earlier than my family/5 days a week to focus on me. If I couldn't do that hour in the morning then I make up for it on the weekend and schedule to get my nails done, go to the gym, or treat myself to a massage. Although, I wake up an hour early, I ensure I go to bed after my kids are in bed; I'm sleeping by 9 at night or so. 

Now, seasons change, responsibilities change, so each year or each season, I've had to change this up to still meet the needs of my family, career, etc. but yet schedule time for me. You pivot and adjust. Therefore, you will always need to revisit your schedule to see where your self-care sessions can fit in your new schedule. Let it continue to be a priority. Let you continue to be a priority.

The more you schedule your self-care sessions, then you will continuously be taking care of you. So, when the liquid in your cup starts to go down, you are filling it up almost instantaneously, not waiting until it runs dry. Don't let it get beyond half full. Stay hydrated by giving yourself self-care sessions regularly. This will not only help keep those negative situations mentioned earlier at bay, but also make you feel empowered and energetic for whatever comes your way!

Try it this way for one week. As yourself at the start of your week how you feel and compare that to how you feel at the end after using self-care strategies for 15 minutes a day/ 5 days a week. You be the judge. 

Keep your cup full and use self-care for prevention.


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