Take Control

It's been our mission since day one to put non-pharmacological tools (or formerly known as coping skills) in the hands of healthcare providers, caregivers, and those with dementia and mental health concerns to help them manage the symptoms of these diseases. Often times you hear, "I just don't have time for that." Others say, "It's easier to just call the doctor." Not having time or only calling a doctor to secure your fate doesn't really seems to help the situation. Think about this...

Not having time means the next easier step may be to pop a pill. Did you know it takes about 30 minutes for that pill to start working? What are you doing during those 30 minutes? Couldn't you be using a non-pharmacological intervention or tool? It takes seconds to minutes for these kinds of tools to work. So if it works, then taking that pill was an unhealthy waste of time on your body or your resident's/patient's body. Why, because all medications have negative side effects. Now, we aren't to say that medication is never needed, however, society is quick to put a band-aid on things hoping it will heal faster. Well give yourself some air, keep that band-aid off and treat your wound with your hands and your heart. 

Let's talk about calling that doctor. You may or may not get the doc on the phone. If you did, then that script would need to go through the pharmacy (or if you work in a facility you might be able to pull from the emergency box), then you take it or give it, and the 30 minute clock starts (refer to the previous paragraph). Does this make sense?

If you are on the fence about non-pharmacological care, try one tool. Think, what is one symptom or behavior you see in your resident or patient, or what's one feeling or negative thought you'd like to help yourself with that you don't care for. Try a tool. Is that listening to music, adult coloring, going for a walk, journaling, using an essential oil, screaming at the top of your lungs...what has worked or what do you think may work, then try it. Try it for a few seconds and maybe a few minutes. Did it work?

If you are wondering what tool to try first - contact us. We can walk you through this. Or if you tried your tool and loved it - let us help you build a whole toolbox of these awesome things!

These tools are healthier, with minimal to no side effects (and usually have positive side effects - meaning it can help with more than one concern), and one of the most important things,...you have control! I'll say it again, YOU HAVE CONTROL! Take back your control from using pills or maybe other substances that put a band-aid on what you are trying to treat. Whether it's having control and feeling confident in the treatment you are providing to your residents/patients or it's having control and feeling confident over your own mental, cognitive, and emotional health. Take control. 


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