Why Do We Always Find a Way to Ignore What We Need?

Why do we always find a way to ignore what we need? We usually fall dead last when it comes to our mental wellbeing. As I contemplate the present, which is the strangest of times, I realize that we do not have the ability to continue on like this unless we want to pay for it with our health. Yes, that is what I said. There is a direct correlation between our mental and physical health. 

I am sure you are familiar with people associating a heart attack or stroke with stress. Well, we are finding out that many other diseases can be started and exacerbated by stress and anxiety. Caring for your mental health can physically make you healthier. So, how do you fit this into an already overloaded schedule?  Simple, you control your day. 
You may not think so, but you are the keeper of your actions. We tend to blame other things for ruining our days, or filling them. The hard truth is, we do have control of it. Now, taking control, that can be a challenge. You may be thinking that I am crazy, that you have children, a job, a husband, a house, dogs.....I get it, and so do I. But...a very big But...there is always a way.
For me, I took my partner's advice. I get up 20 minutes earlier than everyone in my house. I have a cup of coffee in my kitchen, turn the fireplace on, and enjoy the quiet with my diffuser misting ylang ylang or frankincense! This tranquil atmosphere starts my day. It puts a smile on my face and that is the best way to start a day. That is it! Twenty minutes out of my day (even though I did have to sacrifice 20 minutes of sleep) makes all the difference. 
This is an uncertain time. It has brought stress, anxiety, fear, and a plethora of other feelings that we may have difficulties getting through. There is no time like the present to begin a toolbox, or continue filling one with ways to beat the negative feelings.
Do little things to take care of you, your mind will respond wonderfully...your body will respond beautifully. This does not have to be monumental changes, like using essential oils. This tool can be a great way to calm anxious feelings. There are so many choices that allow us to experience calming naturally and in a healthy manner. Diffusing is so effective as it is giving you a consistent flow of essential oils while you do your thing. Invest in this as a tool for yourself, you will not regret the investment. It is so simple, effective, and your mental and physical health needs it!
All in all, do not ignore your mental health. When you take care of your mental health, your physical health benefits as well. Happy nourishing!
-- Jessica Ryan

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