You Are Not Alone

With times being what they are, I have had some time to reflect on how life has changed. It can be difficult to deal with everyday life. When so many changes come at one time, it can be challenging to keep our spirits up. Some of us will seek out help, some of us will not. You are not alone. You are not without tools. There are many non-pharmacy approaches to mood management. I use essential oils. 

Because essential oils affect our limbic systems, they can be an extremely safe and effective tool to helping us get through the day. Citrus oils are clinically trialed to elevate the mood. Lemon, Lime, Wild Orange, Bergamot, and other citrus oils have the ability to boost your emotions naturally and effectively. I am always excited to read about clinical trials and studies done on different disruptions in the body helped by essential oils. 
Diffusers are a non-intimidating way to disperse essential oils in a room and have almost an immediate effect on your body. And smelling essential oils are the most effective way to impact your mood and memory.
We are beginning to see that western medicine is offering and suggesting alternative approaches in patient-centered care models. Why not try a simple way to help deal with these interruptions in our daily lives. You can be proactive with your self-care by adding coping tools to your everyday and nourishing your brain at the same time! How cool is that. 
Be sure to do your research. Essential oils should be third party tested, harvested (sourced) in their native lands, and free from adulteration and contamination for best results. Choose a trusted expert in essential oils to help you decide the best recipe for you.
Helping yourself navigate through these unexplored times is challenging, but it is necessary for your emotional, mental, and cognitive health.
-- Jessica Ryan

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