Depression in Dementia

During this pandemic, many have had to reflect on how this has impacted their mental health. However, our residents, patients or loved ones with dementia aren't able to reflect like this and need us to really help them through this. 

I wanted to share an excerpt from my upcoming book on dementia care directed towards families about how to help those who have dementia and are experiencing depression.

"Depression is very common for individuals living with dementia. Although the exact causes of depression in Alzheimer Disease are unknown, it is clear that changes in brain chemistry play a role. Changes to brain chemistry may be triggered internal by aging, genetics, or another disease, such as Alzheimer disease. External factors such as experiencing the death of a family or friend, work or troubles, or other traumas and stressors may also trigger changes to brain chemistry leading to depression.

            With this...

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To Be or Not To Be

This pandemic has driven many down the road of negativity. Some will continue down that road but others may be sitting back and reflecting, saying, "I can't do this anymore. Something has to give." Perhaps vacillating between "I can either keep eating like this and continue to gain weight or get back to my healthy eating and exercise habits" or "I can keep drinking everyday or cut down or stop all together" or "I can keep miserating in my bed or get back up." Did you hear that...."GET BACK UP". That's the key.

Get back up to being healthy again. Get back up to being present for your family. Get back up to be able to enjoy work again. Whatever your story. Get back up, and get your life back!

You need to find what works for you. Perhaps you have things that have helped you in the past that you just simply need to brush the cobwebs off, like journaling or gardening. Or maybe there are new ways to cope that you have never tried but want to - have you tried brain exercises or using...

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