Anxiety in Dementia

Anxiety and worry will show up differently for our family, patients and clients who have dementia. It would be great if they could just say, “I’m feeling really anxious right now.” To recognize and then verbalize it is something we might expect but won’t get. If we continue to expect this to happen, then this in of itself leaves us as caregivers endlessly frustrated. I mean, many of us don’t recognize and verbalize it unless we have really good insight. How would we expect people with dementia to do this?

So why can’t they just tell us? Unfortunately, the skills needed to do just this simple task are dwindling, like insight, good judgement, problem-solving, anticipating risks and language, because the parts of the brain that manage and control these skills are affected by the disease little by little. 

Therefore, instead of words, individuals with dementia are going to show us in other ways that they are anxious. For instance, they might...

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