The COVID Trauma Through My Eyes: A Look into the Temporary Stay-at-Home Parent

It’s been a solid 13 weeks since the insurance company I work for sent us home to work remotely due to the pandemic. I thought, “Holy cow, this is a dream come true!! Roll out of bed and just log on to my computer to work, wear pajamas all day, have no one breathing down my neck, this will be a cake walk.”  As they say, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’ Or is it?

My wife works in corporate healthcare and quickly her flexibility was gone. She was pulled to the front lines to help as other workers got sick or absent due to fears of catching the Coronavirus.

Now she is gone 12 hours a day working in a COVID unit at a nursing home. It's scary enough that she could contract the virus, get sick and die, but also bring it home, possibly infecting myself or our two children (4 and 5 years old). That’s pretty stressful in itself as we all live in the same home, touch the same door handles, eat at the same table, and sleep in the same...

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The Pandemic: A Look at a Teenager's Experience and How He's Coping

My name is Kaiden, and I am 16 years old. These are my top 3 things to combat the blues these days. It has been pretty stressful being in quarantine at times. I am missing my friends and soccer. My family has done a great job at creating things to do. I really do enjoy being with them, but when I start to feel a little out of control, there are a couple of things that I go to.

One is soccer; I have nets and a field in my backyard, so being outside in the sun running off my energy or troubles is huge for me. I have SID and ADHD so moving around is the only option to release for me sometimes!

Second, whenever it is nice out, my mom always sends us out in the backyard, so it's natural for me to use that as a coping skill. The sunshine always makes me feel better.

Third, I have been using essential oils for 8 years now to control all kinds of issues. I am pretty good at remembering which oils are good for what, but my mom has an awesome reference book about our oils in the...

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Anxiety Has Nothing To Do About Today

Today I sit here, as the co-owner of NeuroEssence, having developed the symptoms of COVID-19. Many thoughts go through my head – how will I continue to care for my family, how can I continue to service our clients remotely, how is it possible to lead others when I’m sick myself. I even have had morbid thoughts, brief thoughts of worsening symptoms, having to move from my home, needing to be hospitalized and even ventilated. What if I die?

All these thoughts came to a screeching halt when I realized that my negative, swirling and spiraling thoughts aren’t helping my situation. They are making it worse, causing me to get up at 230AM and losing sleep.

My kids are worried about Mommy and will I ever get better; my husband is concerned about my health – his wife, mother of his children, and best friend. My family checks on me in fear of losing me, and my friends think about the what if. My colleagues worry about our future together.

My anxiety, and the anxiety of...

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