Anxiety Has Nothing To Do About Today

Today I sit here, as the co-owner of NeuroEssence, having developed the symptoms of COVID-19. Many thoughts go through my head – how will I continue to care for my family, how can I continue to service our clients remotely, how is it possible to lead others when I’m sick myself. I even have had morbid thoughts, brief thoughts of worsening symptoms, having to move from my home, needing to be hospitalized and even ventilated. What if I die?

All these thoughts came to a screeching halt when I realized that my negative, swirling and spiraling thoughts aren’t helping my situation. They are making it worse, causing me to get up at 230AM and losing sleep.

My kids are worried about Mommy and will I ever get better; my husband is concerned about my health – his wife, mother of his children, and best friend. My family checks on me in fear of losing me, and my friends think about the what if. My colleagues worry about our future together.

My anxiety, and the anxiety of...

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