My Oil Regimen

I’ve been managing COVID symptoms for about 2 weeks. My symptoms have been mild but yet odd. Parts of the day I feel no different than a usual day and other parts of the day I experience symptoms. Additionally, my symptoms change, alternate if you will. My symptoms fluctuate from hot flashes and cold chills, moments of headaches nausea, aches and pains to severe body pains, much fatigue and tiredness, intermittent night sweats, and a fluctuating sore throat and cough. I’ve put together an oil regimen to keep my symptoms more or less under control, or at least to not progress. 

With rest, relaxation, a good book, and binge watching TV shows, I put 1 drop of Clove in my coffee in the morning to clear my throat. Three times a day I take in a veggie capsule, 2 drops each of Frankincense (Frank), Lemon, Oregano, OnGuard, and Tea Tree oils with a few drops of coconut oil to manage symptoms related to the flu. I take 2 capsules of Deep Blue supplements to manage muscular...

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