Social Media and the Impact on Our Mood

I have a friend who came to me recently. She is a reputable professional, seemingly having it all together via social media. I sometimes will see posts of her always ready for a picture with her children, perfect meal and table settings, her hair and makeup are always on point, and she has an extremely successful business career. To say the least, it makes me feel less than a lot of the time. I am lucky, some days, if I remember to brush my teeth before I stand outside with my kids for the bus talking to another mom. Social media can make us envy other's situations, feel unworthy, or that we simply are not up to par on everyday routines. And then, she stopped by the house to chat.

Guess what? That picture perfect social media posting is not showing you anything outside of the pic. She told me that she doesn't know how I do it?!?! I was shocked to say the least. "Me? You think I have it all together? Not a CHANCE!" Throughout our conversation, I was humbled to...
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