Self-Care Can Be Quick and Easy

My husband was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with COVID and my children, with the exception of 1 and myself all had differing degrees of severity. We experienced mostly mild symptoms, but it was a strange experience. My anxiety went through the roof when he received the news. He had been tested 3 days prior. What do I do? Who do I call first? I felt like we had the scarlet letter branded over our front door. I sunk into a chair to contemplate so many questions; where had we got it from, who had we given it to, how sick would we be, would my children be okay?

Of course, Oil Mama mode began! I blew past those useless thoughts and negative feelings and turned on some diffusers in my home right away...I am always empowered by my diffusers. I got to take control of something in my life!
With essential oil use, I can help myself, even though I cannot control what happens, I can control how I respond. I choose to use tools that help me without worrying me about side effects and...
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