The Importance of Sleep

Well, it is March! Spring is in the air as I write this. The sun is shining and we have a 59 degree day. After the mess that has been in Illinois, I will take it! Being in the sunshine is self care in itself. There seems to be a bright future as we are moving forward and, I believe, out of the scariest part of this pandemic. I look forward to no masks and smiling faces, touching people and not being afraid, social contact, and just being. I think no matter who you are in this world, we have all felt the pain, some of us worse than others, but dealing with the anxiety and the like nonetheless. I am grateful for the hat I wear, as an educator. It forces me daily to look at what I am doing to care for myself, as well as to reevaluate different tools that may apply to what we share with you. 

Today, I want to focus on sleep and the importance of it. Why not - it's Brain Awareness Week. I know, I know, you know this. But, do you make sure that you make it a priority? There are...
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