My grandfather passed away last week. He was 99 years old and lived a full life. He was adamant about being called Papa, as he was too cool to be called Grandpa. He out lived two wives, had children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren. He worked hard and saved very well. He was retired more years than he worked! He loved being physically active - square dancing and walking, conquering his word searches, tinkering using his hands, and gardening. He even drove up until 18 months before his passing. And his mind was sharp up until his last year. He was our poster child for brain health!

Papa was diagnosed with renal disease 8 years ago. He was told that if he didn't have dialysis that he would pass in 6 months. Eight years later, he was still walking, telling jokes, and making passes at the ladies. However, in the last week of of his life, he said to us, “I’m ready for Jesus to take my hand.” No event had occurred, no worsening...

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