How to Spend Time With Your Loved One With Dementia on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day!

A day filled with love and appreciation for each other. 

This can be a difficult time for folks who are losing their loved ones slowly to dementia, but with some preparation, you can make the day a good one. Here’s how to spend time with your loved one with dementia…

  • Send them or together make a homemade card - it means a lot more when the noodles are glued to the construction paper and the words are your own, compared to current Hallmark options
  • Share old pictures with them - they’ll remember the older memories more than the recent ones, and it’ll give them a chance to share their own stories with you
  • Make their favorite meal - food is a love language for many, and a favorite meal goes a long way when you’re activating multiple senses
  • Turn on some old tunes - they’ll connect more with the older songs they grew up with and find a sense of calm and joy
  • Plan a day with their favorite activities - there’s nothing...
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How to Care for Someone With Dementia

When a loved one becomes diagnosed with dementia it’s a shock on the individual and their family. Often times, the management of the changes becomes the responsibility of the caregiver. Families must adjust their lifestyle, routines, and even the way they communicate. This requires an understanding of the abilities of their diagnosed family member. The number of changes can be overwhelming, especially at first. Below, we outline 3 different areas to focus on for a more thoughtful approach. 



Establishing productive communication with someone with dementia can be difficult at first. If you keep in mind these approaches you’ll have better luck.

During Verbal Communication

  • Use exact, brief, positive phrases
  • Speak slowly
  • Use a warm, genuine, adult tone of voice
  • Use words familiar to the individual
  • Ask for instructions
  • Ask one question at a time (wait 90 seconds until the next)
  • Eliminate distractions (e.g., radio on)
  • Use different forms of their...
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5 Tips to Helping Loved Ones with Dementia Enjoy the Holidays

A few years ago I wrote an article about the ‘5 tips to helping loved ones with dementia enjoy the holidays’ for Chicago’s Daily Herald.

This year I figured I’d do a reboot!

Spending time together as a family, especially around the holidays, is priceless. Yet, this can be a challenging season for individuals with Alzheimer's disease, or memory care needs, and their loved ones, but a little preparation can make a big difference! Here are 5 easy, hands-on techniques you can use to enjoy this holiday season together.


Tip #1

Bring a family pet along! This provides a wonderful connection to someone who may not always be able to fully communicate. Furry friends also assist as conversation starters. If a real-life pet is not an option, check out our Companion Pets.


Tip #2

During visits, provide your loved one with an object they can hold to reduce confusion and fear. This can rewire the brain to form new connections and helps ground the person in...

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