How to Have Fun and Stay Healthy on Vacation

Vacations are a time to sit back, relax, enjoy, and separate yourself from the stressors of life. Picture yourself on a white sandy beach, looking out at the blue, crisp ocean, with your feet in the sand, and the warm sun on your skin. Hear the waves crashing into the beach, and smell that fresh ocean scent. Ahhhhh... Then to top off this moment, you go to pick up your margarita. Is it a regular margarita with lots of sugary sweet-and-sour mix or a 'skinny' made with cucumbers and/or agave? Even though you’re kicking back, it doesn't mean you can't kick back in a healthful way.

Sure, you may ‘food splurge’ here or there on your vacation, but it doesn't mean you have to forgo all healthy eating habits. Actually, if you continue eating healthy, you'll be able to enjoy more of your vacation. You'll feel energized, well-rested, and motivated to experience your next adventure. Whether it's swimming with dolphins, enjoying time at the beach, or climbing that mountain...

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How often do caregivers struggle with self-care and guilt?

A couple months ago we surveyed a group of healthcare professionals and caregivers who work with dementia individuals. 

The survey was focused on caregiver self-care and guilt. We asked the following true or false questions.

  1. I have struggled with self-care at some point in the past
  2. I have lost touch of my hobbies, or I don't have a hobby
  3. I spend so much time taking care of others that I don't take time to care for myself
  4. At times, I feel guilty when I'm caring for myself, because I could be caring for others

The results were unfortunately not shocking since we know the burden caregivers carry, often putting their own needs last.

55% answered that they have struggled with self-care at some point in the past

45% answered that they have lost touch of their hobbies, or don't have a hobby

60% answered that they spend so much time taking care of others that they don't take time to care for themselves

40% answered that at times, they feel guilty when caring for themselves,...

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