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You've spent years with your head in the books. Now you spend your days caring for patients or residents with dementia and other mental health disorders, yet at the end of the day, you still feel like you could have done more. Let's be frank, at times you feel ill-prepared and wish you had more tools in your toolbox. You're looking for education and practical tools to keep you ahead of an evolving field.

"Research highlighted in the Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations, that person-centered care is associated with training and education that reduces dementia-related behaviors (Chenoweth and colleagues, 2009), improved interaction between staff and residents (Spector, Orrell, and Goyde 2013), and increased job satisfaction (Barbosa, Sousa, Nolan, & Figueiredo 2015)."

- Alzheimer's Association

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Dementia and Neurocognitive Health

You've realize that working with dementia individuals can be rewarding yet a challenge. You're searching for an alternative approach to the specific difficulties you or your organization faces. We offer a range of services to help you create a positive experience, all while feeling confident and competent. Keep your residents and staff happy.

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Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health

Often, you wish your toolbox of strategies was more expansive. We share actionable strategies you can confidently implement with your patients. We offer integrative courses, consults, and toolboxes that will leave you feeling prepared.

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You spend 40+ hours a week caring for your patients... and you often put your self-care last. Being able to show up for your patients starts with showing up for yourself. We offer self-care workshops and spa packages so you too can feel cared for. 

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