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Wellness in a box, delivered right to your home or office, that provides you with education and hands-on, tangible tools to help you relax, improve your mood and enhance focus, attention and concentration.

doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is everything calming! Use this for self-care, with your patients/residents, or your loved ones.

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doTERRA Lavender Touch Roll-On

Featured in My Toolbox, get all the benefits of Lavender in a convenient roll-on bottle, mixed with unfractionated coconut oil.

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Personal Diffuser Dots (25 count)

Our Personal Diffuser Dots are a great way to benefit from the aromatic benefits of essential oils on-the-go! If you prefer to not put essential oils on topically, these dots are a great alternative. It's your own personal diffuser, all day long!

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NeuroEssence Brain Stress Ball

Our foam brain stress ball is cute and practical. This helps relieve anxiety and stress and boost concentration and attention.

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doTERRA Peppermint Essential OIl

Peppermint helps uplift mood and provide mental clarity; it also aids in respiratory function and relieves head tension.

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doTERRA Peppermint Roll-On Essential OIl

Featured in My Toolbox, doTERRA Peppermint Touch contains Peppermint essential oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil to provide a multitude of benefits. Its minty, fresh scent can be used aromatically and topically throughout the day to uplift mood and promote a sense of focus. 

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doTERRA Deep Blue Roll-On Stick

Infused with doTERRA Deep Blue® Soothing Blend containing CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ essential oils, plus the beneficial properties of Copaiba, the Deep Blue Stick is pain relief in a no-mess solid!


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NeuroEssence Steamers

A perfect blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus pure essential oils helps open up your airways but invigorates and relaxes. Just drop 1 tab at the bottom of your shower. Experience the difference!

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Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild Orange oil will energize and uplift the mind and body while purifying the air. Wild Orange oil enhances any essential oil blend with a fresh, sweet, refreshing aroma.

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Diffuser Necklace-Brain Imprinted

This beautiful stoned diffuser necklace comes adorned with an imprint of a brain to remind us how important our brain health is. Necklace is a black soft wire. Drop your favorite essential oils on the stoned portion to enjoy your favorite scents.

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If you're looking to diffuse essential oils to create a calm and inviting space, whether it be in a small bedroom or a large waiting area we've got you covered.


Start with Essential Oils

If you're ready to begin implementing therapeutic essential oils into patient treatment plans, your loved one's care, or into your daily routine...we're here to guide you.


doTERRA Stronger Essential Oils for Kids

Stronger Protective Blend evokes feelings of wellness and vitality when needed most. Featuring Cedarwood, Litsea, Frankincense, and Rose in a gentle and convenient format combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil, this uniquely supportive blend is perfect for sensitive skin and provides a sense of resiliency when needed most. Great for soothing emotions during times of distress.

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doTERRA Adaptiv Touch Roll-On

Adaptiv Touch Calming Blend  is an on-the-go solution to life's stressful moments. Feelings of restlessness, being wound-up, or on edge happen to everyone from time to time, adapt and center with Adaptiv.

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doTERRA On Guard Chewable Tablets

A strong immune system is more important than ever and doTERRA On Guard+ Chewable Tablets are formulated to help maintain healthy immune system function and provide your body needed support when taken internally.

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Adaptiv System with Mug

The doTERRA® Adaptiv™ System is an effective answer to reducing tension and helping to empower and encourage when adapting to difficult situations or acclimating to new surroundings. Adaptiv capsules combine clinically studied botanicals with a blend of essential oils to help manage the effects of stress and anxious feelings*. As the perfect complement to the Adaptiv capsules, the essential oil Calming Blend is the answer during life's most demanding moments. Diffuse or roll on to promote feelings of calm confidence. Use the Adaptiv Capsules and its companion essential oil blend to help create a sense of balance and adapt to every situation. Adorned in an Adaptiv doTERRA coffee mug!

Wild Orange Nasal Inhalers (Set of 10)

Take wild orange essential oil on the go with these nasal inhalers. Breathing in wild orange directly influences your mood and memory, helping to uplift your mood. Stick them in your purse, pocket, book bag, or briefcase. Material made with organic cotton and BPA free. 

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Lavender Nasal Inhalers (Set of 10)

Take lavender essential oil on the go with these nasal inhalers. Breathing in lavender directly influences your mood and memory, helping to calm and relax. Stick them in your purse, pocket, book bag, or briefcase. Material made with organic cotton and BPA free.

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Peppermint Nasal Inhalers (Set of 10)

Take peppermint essential oil on the go with these nasal inhalers. Breathing in peppermint directly influences your mood and memory, helping with focus and mental alertness. It can also clear head tension. Stick them in your purse, pocket, book bag, or briefcase. Material made with organic cotton and BPA free.

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NeuroEssence Tote Bag

Sport NeuroEssence swag with a two-tone deluxe cotton tote bag. Great for using to go to the gym, caring your coping tools, shopping at the grocery store, and much more!

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NeuroEssence Mug

Grab your NeuroEssence ceramic mug today! Fill it with tea, coffee, water, whatever.

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NeuroEssence Journal

Write your thoughts, feelings, deepest desires, to-do lists, or whatever is important to you in your very own NeuroEssence Journal.

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The Busy Caregiver's Guide to Advanced Alzheimer Disease

Get your very own signed copy by Dr. Stelter

Published October 19, 2021


Simple and effective brain health tips

Learn about 6 consistent, evidenced-based techniques to nourish your brain and decrease your risk for developing dementia.

$11.00 - PAPER COPY $5.00 - DIGITAL COPY


The essential guide to dementia care for caregivers and care providers

You'll learn 7 alternative strategies to engage dementia individuals. Reduce incidents through affirmative stimuli. Affirmative stimuli are positive, uplifting stimulations confirmed through one’s senses.

$11.00 - Paper Copy $5.00 - Digital Copy

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