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Are you a...

...daughter whose mom was just diagnosed with dementia? professional who wants to understand their patient or resident better who has dementia or other related mental disorders?

We're here to help. 


With an expertise in dementia and other neuro-diseases, we combine both medical insight from a doctor and the perspective of a family caregiver so you can support your patient, resident or family member with confidence and compassion.

Offering you comprehensive education, training and practical, non-pharmacy tools so you can feel confident and competent when you're providing care.

Our approaches include using tools other than neuro-medications or that compliment neuro-medications, allowing you to feel informed of your options either as a healthcare professional or caregiver. 

We are the leading team in this industry that works not only with healthcare professionals and organizations but also family caregivers.

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Our mission is to create and provide practical education and support opportunities to optimize and rehabilitate brain and emotional health using pioneered alternative therapies and approaches to care to make a paramount impact and enrich the lives of self and others.

Whether you're a caregiver whose day to day revolves around caring for a loved one or a healthcare professional trying to provide a life with dignity to your patient...

Our services will empower you with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools to provide compassionate care.

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"Much greater understanding of dementia, disease, issues, prevention and treatment."

Dr. Donald Miro

"Increased awareness of how environment may be adversely impacting mental functioning."

Course Participant

"It will give me more options when working with staff and residents."

David Lynn, PsyD

"This program will help me help patients that need help. "

Course Participant

"This has been a very informative learning experience."

Imelda Homecgoy, NP

"By participating today, I feel like I can also take this information back to my facility and start the process of affecting change in the way our patients with dementia are treated. "

Mindy Moore, PhD

"It will make me a more effective therapist. "

Course Participant

"Provides clear, easy to understand alternative to traditional options. "

Miciah Patton, NP

"Even if you don't work with dementia patients, helpful in supporting patients who may have a loved one suffering with dementia. "

Kelly J. Scherak, PhD

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